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" O ALLAH, praise to You! You are the light of the heavens and the earth and all that dwell therein. Praise to You! You are the truth, and Your promise is true, and Your word is true, and Your meeting is true, and the Garden is true, and the Fire is true, and the Prophets were true, and Muhammad SWT is true, and the Hour is true! O Allah, to You I commit myself, and in You I believe and place my trust, and unto You I turn in repentance, and for You I fight, and through You I pass judgment. Forgive me my sins, past and future, open and hidden. You are my God; there is no God but You! "

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Makeup by Neng_Atie_

Salam darling semua, 

Masih mencari cari makeup artist untuk your big day ? Atau untuk photoshoot dan special event? Saya suggest anda follow Instagram Neng_Atie_ 

Makeup yg sangat cantik dgn harga yg sgt affordable ������������

For more info contact +60 17‑282 7353 ( NUR IZZATI)
Email : Izzati.makeup@gmail.com 

Monday, June 2, 2014

FB , Fanpage dan Instagram

Salam sisters, 

Kepada sesiapa yang bertanya online shop saya boleh lawat laman sesawang ( hahahha poyo je) FB FANPAGE DAN INSTAGRAM saya untuk lihat Lebih produk yang saya jual .

Sila contact utk pertanyaan lanjut :

1. Facebook Tara Closet

2. Fanpage FB 

3. Instagram Tara_Closet 

Clearance Sale BEDAK ARAB

Bedak Arab RM 38/ pc (termasuk pos)

Berminat? Sila contact/whatsapp 013 3719778